UK Youth has been operating for over 100 years and Avon Tyrrell is our headquarters, providing an outdoor venue for young people since 1949. We have a vast range of knowledge, expertise and experience and as a well-established centre of excellence have piloted many young people and outdoor learning programmes that have now been developed across the country.

All of our UK Youth staff at Avon Tyrrell are dedicated to providing the high quality services that visitors expect and we offer nothing but a friendly and personable service.

Our skilled team of activity instructors play a large role in the success of the centre, supporting and encouraging young people throughout their programmes and helping them to realise their potential and develop life skills.

We invest in our staff so that you see the return in quality delivery through safe, well organised sessions that meet your aims and objectives.

Learning Outside the Classroom

As a Learning Outside the Classroom badge holder, we provide a platform to outdoor learning and our highly qualified staff provide the support you need to meet and exceed the expectations of your students.


We are experts in outdoor learning and have an extensive range of awards and accreditations to support the quality of the work that we provide for young people here at Avon Tyrrell.


To make your visit with us as easy as possible, we have provided you with all of the information and forms you may need to download prior to your stay.

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