With an extensive range of outdoor adventure, learning and development activities at Avon Tyrrell, everyone has the opportunity to experience, learn and develop.  


*Please Note: On the rare occasion we need to cancel a session due to bad weather, we will offer alternative sessions or provide a refund.

Animal Tracks

Use this opportunity to discover more about the environment, what lives there and what it leaves behind. Identify different tracks and signs as well as natural habitats that will open an unseen world. 


Archery has been around for hundreds of years and is still an incredibly popular sport today. Learn the skills and techniques of one of our ranges to be able to hit the target and get a bullseye every time.

Art in the Environment - Self-Guided

The natural environment really is an incredible place. Get hands on and get creative using nature as your inspiration. Learn how to use natural resources that you find outdoors to design something special and unique.


An evening campfire is a great way to end a day with your group or family and friends. Gather around the fire and toast marshmallows, tell stories and sing songs as you talk about your days adventures at Avon Tyrrell.


Bushcraft sessions teach valuable wilderness skills to prepare you for being outdoors with limited resources. You may learn to build a fire, boil water or cook, all preparing you for outdoor survival. 

Challenge Course

An exciting challenge for children and adults. Make your way across tricky challenges and obstacles, as you crawl through tunnels, cargo nets and balance on suspended planks, don’t get caught in the spider web, it really is a challenge.

Canoeing & Kayaking

Choose your craft and head for our stunning lake for a session on the water. With Canoeing and Kayaking available our instructors will give you a fun and challenging session learning new paddling skills. 

Climbing & Abseiling

Climb or Abseil down our 10 metre climbing tower and push yourself to your limits whilst taking in incredible views. The climbing tower has 6 structured routes plus an overhang, so you can really challenge yourself.


Staying in our main house? Watch our enthusiastic instructors turn DJ for the night as they get the music pumping. With the most popular old and new hits, we guarantee you will want to dance your socks off.

Discovery Walk

Connect and interact with the outdoors using sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing to investigate the environment. This is a sensory exploration with a difference and will help you discover so many new and stimulating things.

Egg Drop

You have an egg that is going to be dropped from a height, how would you protect it? What would you use? Take on a number of mini challenges to earn different resources, will your egg survive the drop?

Forest Walk

It’s incredible the things you can find when you’re looking. On this interactive exploration you will discover natural habitats and what exists within the environment from vegetation and landscapes to wildlife species.

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Explore the grounds at Avon Tyrrell using a GPS system to hide and seek a variety of containers at specific locations around the centre. What will you find inside?

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High Ropes

Get up high in the trees with our exciting and challenging High Ropes course. There are various tree based elements sitting 9 metres above the ground, each waiting for you to take them on, alone or as a team.


A selection of fun and interactive games to get everyone in your group working together comfortably, you will play and connect as you break the ice to prepare you for the rest of your activities.

Low Ropes

An exciting and challenging series of beams, ropes, planks and tyres all waiting for you. Combine problem solving, teamwork and co-operation as you take on these low level elements and really work together.

Mini Beasts

What do you see when you get down close to the ground? Explore the world of Mini Beasts and discover new things from a different perspective and see what you can identify. There is a whole new world waiting for you.

Mountain Biking

Jump on one of our mountain bikes and our instructors will show you the tracks. Learn new skills, bike control and the basics to keeping your bike on the road during this exciting and challenging session.

Night Walks

Discover what nocturnal creatures we have living around Avon Tyrrell as you explore the grounds after dark with one of our night guides. You may even get to test your night vision with some of our night tricks.


A great way to explore the centre. After being introduced to some practical map reading skills you will be left to interpret your map as you work together to locate various points within the grounds.


If you’re looking for a relaxing session to enjoy views of Avon Tyrrell our Pedalos may be what you need. Hop in and steer the craft with your feet as you sit back and enjoy the lake from a different perspective.


What can you construct with rope and wooden spars? A giant Ballista! Pioneering is a great skill and with your finished structure you will be challenged to fire sponges at a target, will you hit the target?

Pond Dipping

Explore our freshwater ponds and see what you can discover hiding away in them. Equipped with nets, trays and a magnifying glass you can catch and identify your findings with our ID keys and learn what survives under the water.

Problem Solving - Team Skills

Can your brain solve some of our most complex physical and mental puzzles? It takes initiative, logic and teamwork, so stretch your brain to its limits and see if you can successfully figure them out.

Raft Building

How well can you build a raft? Construct and build a raft with your team before we take it to the water and put it to the test with different challenges. Will you and your team stay dry? Or will you get soaked?

Roll out the Barrels - Scenario Day

Complete a range of challenges with your group to earn rewards before entering our big Pioneering or Raft Building finale where you will take on other teams. This is a great scenario day to aid teamwork and increase communication.

Shelter Building

If you were stranded and needed to protect yourself from the elements, could you? Create a shelter with natural materials and we will see if you can survive our waterproofing test? It's not as easy as it looks.

Stand up Paddleboarding

Paddle boarding is a fun and challenging activity at Avon Tyrrell. Enjoy a paddle around the stunning lake and see if you can get up on both feet with support from our instructors.

Treasure Hunt - Self-Guided

Are you ready to solve our riddles? Will you find the hidden treasure? There is only one way to find out, grab a map and get your thinking caps on as you explore the grounds looking for what we've hidden.

Tree Climbing

Experience Tree Climbing and discover nature in a different way as you learn skills to ascend the ropes and work your way high up into the trees. It’s a great challenge and hanging around up there is so much fun.

Trust Walk

How much do you trust your group? Can you learn to trust your group? This activity relies on trust and works great for teamwork and communication as you rely on others to tackle challenges with you on our obstacle based walk.

Zip Wire

Get the adrenaline pumping as you travel at high speeds over our stunning lake on our zip wire. With incredible scenery to enjoy, this exhilarating experience is one not to miss! It's almost like you're flying.

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