To help you contribute positively to your students learning journeys, we have provided you with some objective driven lesson plans and resources to help bridge the gap between classroom based learning and outdoor learning opportunities. 

We really want you and your students to fully engage with the benefits of outdoor learning and hope these example plans will help you focus on key areas demonstrating our commitment to ensuring you get the most out of your visit.



KS3/4 Resources looking at the variety of ecosystems within The New Forest, and how humans can impact these environments.

Ecosystems Lesson Plan 

Ecosystems Powerpoint 

Ecosystems Document 

Feeding Adaptations


KS3/4 Resources focusing on the different ways animals have evolved to feed, and how these adaptations can benefit the species.

Feeding Adaptations Lesson Plan 

Feeding Adaptations Powerpoint 

New Forest Food Chains


KS3 Resources looking at UK species and their interactions.

New Forest Food Chains Lesson Plan 

New Forest Food Chains Powerpoint 

British Tree Species


Reference document for UK Tree species.

British Tree Species document 

Outdoor Learning
Outdoor Learning

Outdoor education has long been recognised as an important contributor in a young persons’ physical, personal and social development.There are various benefits, themes and outcomes to outdoor learning.

Day Visits
Day Visits

If you're looking for just a day out of the classroom for outdoor learning or even just a fun activity day to treat your students, we can create a tailor made package for you, ensuring you get what you need.


Bring learning to life with a residential at Avon Tyrrell. A powerful way to immerse students in a creative learning environment where they will return to the classroom more inspired and eager to learn.

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