Develop lifesaving skills by completing one of our interactive First Aid programmes.

Having a basic understanding of what to do if an accident occurs or if someone falls ill unexpectedly is an essential life skill which not only benefits the individual, but also others in their community.  

Whilst emergencies can happen at anytime, only 7% of people in the UK can give the correct advice and feel confident enough to give first aid. Simple skills can be learned in just a few minutes – like what do if someone becomes unconscious – can save lives.

Depending on the previous experience and duration of the session topics could include how to get help, how to treat a bleed or broken bones, common conditions such as asthma, epilepsy or diabetes, or when and how to perform CPR. 

As well as practical skills and knowledge individuals will also have more confidence to deal with a medical emergency or know the process to get help and support

Hold an Event
Hold an Event with us

Looking for a space to hire for family events, training courses, meetings or a conference? We are the perfect venue with a great range of areas available including; a marquee, several training rooms and a large field area.

Study Breaks
Study Breaks

Take your students out of the classroom for a study break where they can learn in a different environment. Let them concentrate with no distractions, watch them develop character and work on personal development.

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