There are many benefits of being active and exercising outdoors and recreational activities can really improve your physical fitness as well as mental health and wellbeing. At Avon Tyrrell we have an extensive range of outdoor activities available to choose from so that you can really enjoy and develop new interests and avenues to better your personal wellbeing.

8 Health benefits of being active outdoors...

1. Improve physical wellness - strengthen muscles, improves cardio

2. Better body and mind - reduces stress and anxiety

3. Motivating - setting new and challenging goals

4. Socialising - meet new people with similar interests

5. Develop new interests - avenues to new hobbies and opportunities

6. Sleep - regular exercise will give you a more restful sleep pattern

7. Alertness - helps with focus and concentration when working

8. Green Space - Enjoy the outdoors with spaces to relax away from daily pressures


It isn't just all about outdoor activities but just being outdoors is generally great for your personal wellbeing. Visit our community page and see what projects we run to help support those with mental health issues.

At Avon Tyrrell we have various opportunities for outdoor adventure activities all of which contribute to you overall health and wellbeing. Book on to one of our Go Adventure Activities ride our bike tracks or privately hire an activity station for group sessions. It's a great place to start thinking about a new hobby and gives you a platform for challenging yourself with something different.

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