Gain some insight into the history of Avon Tyrrell and encounter some of the flora and fauna within the local area.

Our Nature Trail is a self-guided session where we provide your group with a pack full of notes, games and directions to take you around the nature trail in a fun and interactive way. Exploring vegetation, landscape and wildlife species, you will come face to face with the outdoor environment and discover so much more.

Duration: 90 minutes

Ratios: Group Size is 32


  • Binoculars are not included but useful if you have them
  • Sections of the trail can be quite muddy so ensure you are wearing suitable footwear and clothing.
  • We recommend group leaders take the time to read the pack and familiarise themselves prior to taking the group out.


Accessible: Depends on needs, can be adapted to be more accessible, ensure contact staff for more information.

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