Here at Avon Tyrrell we work directly with Kingston Maurward College to deliver top quality apprenticeship programmes for young people in order for them to build future careers. 

Our outdoor apprenticeship programme sees approximately 6-10 NVQ Level 2 apprentices starting each year, many of which have the opportunity to then become NVQ 3's and further permanent staff at the centre.

We are extremely proud of Ben and all our 2015 advanced apprentices who worked hard to deliver quality outdoor learning for thousands of young people and want to take opportunity to congratulate Ben on being chosen by KMC to win this award.

Our apprenticeship programme is a great opportunity to give young people a different platform for learning many of which excel in the outdoor environment. 

Ben Bailey joined us 2 years ago as an NVQ 2, was then asked to stay as an NVQ 3 and has now been offered a permanent position at Avon Tyrrell because of the hard work and dedication he gave to the role. 

The apprentice scheme at Avon Tyrrell has given many young people the same opportunities as Ben over the last few years which highlights the quality of  the apprenticeship scheme that we run in line with Kingston Maurward. 

The award ceremony will take place early next month, where Ben will receive his award for the Active Leisure and Outdoor Programmes Apprenticeship.

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