As a Learning Outside the Classroom badge holder, we provide a platform to Outdoor Learning where our highly qualified staff provide the support you need to meet, and exceed, the expectations of your students. LOtC is a powerful tool proven to raise attainment, increase social emotional and personal development, as well as contributing to the health and wellbeing of young people.

Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) is the use of alternative places of teaching and learning, taking young people out of the classroom, providing them with new challenges and varied experiences, to help them learn and develop. The LOtC badge is a national accreditation combining the essential elements of provision, learning and safety into one easily recognisable and trusted quality badge.

At Avon Tyrrell we provide opportunities for all young people to experience the world beyond the classroom. All of our sessions are delivered in line with the National Curriculum - so your students can have fun and get engaged with outdoor learning, whether searching for mini beasts, climbing up our tower or as they zip wire across the lake! 

LOtC Quality Mark


The Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) Quality Mark is the first national accreditation for schools, which recognises and supports the development of learning outside the classroom across all subject areas.

The LOtC Quality Mark is intended not only to recognise existing exemplary provision, but also to assist and support schools in developing their Learning Outside the Classroom - enabling all children to have access to meaningful Learning Outside the Classroom experiences.

In order to ensure that the scheme meets the needs of schools, extensive consultation has been conducted by the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom; with primary and secondary mainstream schools, SEN schools and early years settings, as well as with local authority advisers.

Results of this research have directly shaped and developed the structure and criteria of the award. For more information please visit the LOtC website. 

Read the LOtC Manifesto here 

Ofsted and LOtC


In 2008, the Department for Education released a report entitled “Learning outside the classroom: How far should you go?” This was a key moment for Outdoor Learning, highlighting the importance of LOtC and providing schools with further opportunities for their students.

The key findings of the report include:

  • When planned and implemented well, learning outside the classroom contributed significantly to raising standards & improving pupils’ personal, social and emotional development.
  • Learning outside the classroom was most successful when it was an integral element of long-term curriculum planning and closely linked to classroom activities.
  • The success of learning outside the classroom depended very much on the leadership of the schools and colleges.

The message from Ofsted is clear – inspectors want schools to embed Outdoor Learning into their curriculum, prioritising opportunities rather than offering them as an add-on. The document offers a good starting point for development of LOtC, offering practical advice and information on good practice. For further information on how you can develop your LOtC portfolio, contact our Education Officer who would be happy to discuss your needs.



Watch our video on LOtC



Bring learning to life with a residential at Avon Tyrrell. A powerful way to immerse students in a creative learning environment where they will return to the classroom more inspired and eager to learn.

Learning Objectives Matrix
Learning Objectives Matrix

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