Explore the world of mini beasts as you investigate what creatures you can find and in what habitats. Look into adaptations and classifications and discover the bug world from a whole new perspective.

The session can be tailored to meet the needs of the group and can be focused on food chains or habitats with different work sheets, curriculum links and activities available.

Duration: 90 minutes (can be shortened to fit in to 60 minute slot, although some curriculum links will be lost)

Ratios: 16:1 (Maximum of 16 Participants to 1 Instructor)

Groups running at one time: 1

Recommendations: if the group has a particular focus e.g. habitats it is better to let us know prior to the session so we can plan accordingly.

Accessible: Can be made accessible to all

Additional info: This session runs from March – October. Links very well with pond dipping.

Key Stage 2 & 3 Residentials
Key Stage 2 & 3 Residentials

We have some incredible residentials for school students filled with exciting activities that are all linked to the National Curriculum. Get your students working together and achieving more as they experience, learn and develop.

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