Details of Specialised Equipment

If you require any specialised equipment during your stay, please pre book when confirming your booking with our bookings team.

Please find more information on our specialised equipment below and click on the titles for more detailed descriptions:

2 x Landeez All Terrain Wheelchair- Our All Terrain Wheelchair is perfect for leisurely travel around the site with big inflatable tyres.

3 x Boma Wheelchairs These electric wheelchairs are great for getting around the site. They have the ability to be quite fast, but we can set the maximum speed level to whatever the user feels comfortable using. These wheelchairs can climb over any terrain and were used to climb Ben Nevis. Please click for the Boma Wheelchair Risk Assessment.  Please click here for the video showing our Boma Wheelchairs moving with ease around the site.

 We have three bikes that can be used depending on your needs. 
All of these bikes can be used around the site and off site with prior booking.

Portable Hoist - Our portable hoist can be used in the House or in the lodges.

Pool/Lake Hoist Oxford Dipper 140 A trained member of staff will be present to help assist in using these.  We also offer lake equipment for extra support.

Black Firs Ceiling Hoist - Black Firs is our premium lodge and has a built in ceiling hoist that travels straight into the wet-room next door.  Please bring your own sling.

Changing Bed - This can be used in the House or the larger lodges.

2 x Shower Chairs - Wheeled with brakes for use in wet rooms.

All of our lodges are fully accessible and access to the house via access of ramps and lifts to other floors.  We have accessible toilets on every floor of the House and they are all fitted with hand rails and emergency cords. We can offer beds sides to hire and by reception we have a male and female accessible toilet/shower room.

If you have any further questions, please contact our bookings team on 01425 672347 option 1, who will be able to help.
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