‚ÄčThis specially designed team building day is based around the scenario of a plane crash.  The group is split into smaller teams and led off to a ‘crash site’ in our woodlands, where they receive all the details required to survive for an unspecified length of time and to achieve rescue. 

To meet the group’s immediate survival needs they must create camp, depending on the aims and duration of the session this can include elements of fire lighting (including friction fire lighting), shelter creation, Kelly kettles and cooking their lunch over an open fire. 

Their aim is then to carry out a reconnaissance of the site to locate the equipment that will ensure their rescue.  At this stage the groups will need to join forces and work in collaboration to ensure a positive outcome, although there are plenty of opportunities within the exercise for competition to emerge.

Learning Objectives and final reviews will vary on the format of the day and the final programme.  

If you have specific learning objectives or curriculum areas you would like explored please let us know.

Duration: half day, full day and can also be extended to include overnight experience.

Ratios: 1:10

Groups running at one time: We suggest a maximum of 6.

Recommendations: Groups should bring warm outdoor clothing as well as waterproofs.

Sessions Included in: Often used in Developmental Programmes or for Teambuilding

Accessible: Plane Crash can be adapted to accommodate a range of needs (it is important to discuss additional needs in the planning stages so the programme can be adapted accordingly)


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