Please find below some of the latest research from the outdoor learning sector that you can share with colleagues and parents to highlight the importance and the benefits of Learning Outside the Classroom.

Forest Schools in Great Britain


A study of Bridgwater College Forest School focusing on evaluating the key aims, approach and ethos of Forest School, with particular reference to children aged 3-5 years old.

Engaging and Learning with the Outdoors


This report aims to develop empirical and conceptual understandings of learning in the outdoor classroom, specifically focusing on the processes and impacts and the planning and evaluation of outdoor learning.

Horizons from IOL


Horizons page 20-21 John Muir – A detailed case study outlining the benefits of the John Muir Award to young people.

Impact of Childrens Connection to Nature


The RSPB report outlines the importance of allowing young people opportunities to connect with nature, with particular reference to increased attainment and life satisfaction.

Learning Away


The Learning Away report looks at the benefits of outdoor residentials for young people and schools and the impact they have on a child's growth and development.

Learning Away Summary 

Learning Away Full Report 

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Bring learning to life with a residential at Avon Tyrrell. A powerful way to immerse students in a creative learning environment where they will return to the classroom more inspired and eager to learn.

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