One of the great secrets to survival is creating a shelter that will keep you protected against the elements. Split into teams and go for hunting for natural materials to design your structure before we put them to the test. Are they big enough, are they strong enough and will you stay dry and survive our waterproofing test?

Shelter building takes place in our dedicated woodland, which is kept stocked with a variety of natural materials. You will be briefed before the task and provided with safety information and a bit of inspiration for your design.

Duration: 90 minutes

Ratios: Maximum 16:1

Groups running at one time: 1

Recommendations: Long sleeved clothing and closed toe shoes.

Accessible: every effort is made to make the area accessible, bubble chair/Boma may be required if really muddy.

Additional info: This session can also be extended/adapted to be Survival shelter building which includes the use of tarps, knot tying and can involve tool use to make pegs.

Outdoor Fundays
Outdoor Fundays

Book on to one of our exciting Fundays and take part in exciting challenges and outdoor adventures as you make new friends. Available during all school holidays for 5-8, 8-12 and 12-15 years.

Plane Crash
Plane Crash

You have crashed in a plane and need to survive for the foreseeable future. Work with your team to build a shelter, make a fire, solve problems and complete activities to gain rescue.

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