Grab your treasure map and riddle sheet and use your mind to work your way towards the hidden treasure at Avon Tyrrell. After a brief introduction to map reading, you will need to solve riddles and clues to find different posts around the site that hold the missing words for your next riddle. You will find letters at each post, so hold on to these as they will lead you to the treasure.

Once you have collected all of the letters, you will need to rearrange them. Can you work out where the treasure is, or are you going to be left with just letters?

This is a Self-Guided session.

Duration: 90 minutes

Ratios: Group size 32

Recommendations: We recommend teachers familiarise themselves with the pack before running the session.

Accessible: areas of uneven ground, it is best to discuss individual needs before the session so we can see how we may be able to adapt the session to meet needs e.g. provision of bubble chair/Boma.

Extras: Groups will need to provide their own treasure.

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