Discover tree climbing and experience a unique, exciting adventure suitable for ages 8 + the magic thrill of tree climbing is perfect for all.  Get back to nature and climb up into the trees as you see Avon Tyrrell from a new perspective. 

After learning the skills to ascend the ropes, participants have freedom to go as high as they want, to experience new sensations, perspectives and challenges. . Once you’re in the canopy, you can enjoy beautiful views and relax or challenge yourself to climb as much as you want to.

As well as being able to enjoy a great fun session you can also learn about the trees, estimate their height, or even try tree orienteering! 

Autumn/Winter Deals
Autumn/Winter Deals

Avon Tyrrell and the New Forest look incredible in the Autumn and Winter months so if you're looking to get away with your group, cosy up in one of our lodges or stay in our main house, we have some great deals available.

Family Events
Family Events for everyone

Our Family Events are something you can all enjoy together. With a full calendar of events we guarantee you will have an unforgettable time, from pool parties to campouts, treasure trails and Halloween night walks.

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