Trust Walk is a team building activity involving each participant having an opportunity to show leadership and lots of trust as people navigate each other around obstacles.  Its good fun but with a purpose including helping build team spirit. 

Learning to 'Trust' and rely on members of your team for support, the Trust Walk is a sensory deprivation challenge.  

Starting with simple challenges, you will then progress onto our Trust Walk trail where your team will have the opportunity to navigate a series of obstacles, tackling each of the different challenges that lay ahead and each taking it in turns to take a leadership role.

Trust Walk is a great session for team development. You will need good communication, teamwork and above all else…Trust!

Scenario Days
Scenario Days

Take on multiple activities, complete different challenges and solve problems as a team on one of our Scenario days. Perfect for youth groups and corporate groups to improve communication and aid self development.

School Packages
School Packages

Get the best deal on your school residentials with our all inclusive activity packages. With different tiers focusing on environment, discovery and adventure you can create the package that fits your aims and objectives.

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