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What is outdoor learning?

At UK Youth we believe in the power of Outdoor Learning which we have defined as; experiential learning within an outdoor environment to support a young person’s personal, social, and educational development, improve health and wellbeing and environmental awareness.

The outdoor space in which learning takes place is an integral part of the learning process.  

The relationship between Outdoor Learning and Youth Work. 

Both can be used to: explore a young person's values, beliefs, ideas and issues; enable them to develop their voice, influence, and place in society and/or facilitate the learning of a set of practical or technical skills/competencies that enable them to realise their full potential. 

Both place young people at the centre of the practice and aim to empower young people to overcome the challenges, disadvantages or obstacles that stand in the way of achieving their maximum potential.

The relationships between the young people, the activities undertaken, and the role of the outdoor practitioner or youth worker in the role of a trusted adult maximise the potential for learning and has been demonstrated to significantly benefit a young person’s character in a way that is both immediate and enduring.  

UK Youth recognises the synergy between youth work and outdoor learning and by intentionally bringing these together, their combination is a powerful mechanism to support a young person’s personal, social, and educational development and outcomes can be accelerated when adventures take place outside the home and incorporate structured multi day delivery. 

We use an ‘experience, learn, develop’ approach where young people learn through what they do, what they encounter and what they discover. Delivered by our experienced outdoor learning practitioners the experience is holistic and the value comes from looking at an individual’s whole self, their individual capabilities and outcomes and is a valuable part of the ecosystem that equips young people to thrive and empowers them to contribute at every stage of their lives.  

Outdoor learning combines knowledge, skills, attitudes, or behaviour change and these can be demonstrated through the following outcomes (not an exhaustive list):

  • Gain new knowledge through experience

  • Active experiences promote health and wellbeing

  • Enjoyable fun, positive memories

  • Safe environment / a sense of community

  • Broadens knowledge of lived experiences

  • Risk, delivered within a well-managed environment 

  • Independence 

  • The value of trust and trusted relationships


If you would like to find out more information on what we do, please contact our customer experience team on info@ukyouth.org or call 01425 672347 where one of the team will be happy to assist you. 

You can also find out more about the impact of our work here


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Learning Objectives Matrix
Learning Objectives Matrix

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Contact us

If you have an enquiry or are looking to make a booking, please contact our Guest Services and Bookings Team who will be happy to help you. You can also book a site visit so you can look around the facilities.

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