Can you work together as a team to construct and build a raft that will float on our lake and keep you dry.

We will provide you with a number of barrels, planks and ropes to construct your vessel and after a short brief from our raft building experts you are then on your own to discuss and construct your masterpiece. 

Work as a team, whilst learning valuable rope skills before taking it to the water. Will you end up in the water, or will your team stay dry?  Before any rafts are allowed on the water, they are tested by qualified instructors who ensure the safety of the construction.

Teams will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout this activity, or use their own ideas and experience to ensure that every session is tailored to suit the experience and requirements of the group.

Once out on the water, groups will need to carry out various tasks, or just paddle around and explore the lake setting.  For groups booking more than one group on raft building it can also be possible to build a fun competitive element into this activity.

Scenario Days
Scenario Days

Take on multiple activities, complete different challenges and solve problems as a team on one of our Scenario days. Perfect for youth groups and corporate groups to improve communication and aid self development.

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