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Avon Tyrrell is part of the UK Youth Charity that absolutely sets young people at the heart of what we do and why we are here.  We use outdoor learning that equips young people with social and emotional skills through learning and adventure using our stimulating locality in the Now Forest National Park. If you are looking for an exciting weekend or short break away with your youth group to experience, learn and develop, Avon Tyrrell has a multitude of adventure challenges and exciting activities that will meet your needs.  

As a charity we can offer bursaries to some of our participants, so that as many young people as possible can benefit from a high quality residential experience.

Increase confidence, motivation, positive attitude develop team work and enhance personal development, see how young people change as they become stimulated with the freedom of the outdoors.

Our staff are specialists at bringing out the best in young people and we use the outdoors to inspire and motivate. Every day brings a new challenge and for many young people, it’s the beginning of a journey, in which they experience, learn and develop to support their life skills.

No matter what you do, the leap of faith to build your confidence or work together as a team to build a raft, our experienced instructors will work to encourage each individual to challenge themselves and help the group achieve more.

Whether you are bringing a small or large group, we can tailor packages to suit all budgets, and with various accommodation, catering and activity options, we will ensure you get the best deal possible.

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Autumn/Winter Deals
Autumn/Winter Deals

Avon Tyrrell and the New Forest look incredible in the Autumn and Winter months so if you're looking to get away with your group, cosy up in one of our lodges or stay in our main house, we have some great deals available.


We want to give everyone the same opportunities to experience, learn and develop with us and are lucky to operate a bursary scheme. If you need assistance apply with us and we may be able to help support your visit.

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